Heyl Family PracticeOur clients' success stories for our Pelvic floor physical therapy clients make all of our hard work and long hours worth it. Bee worked with Dr. Kailee in Greensburg, PA. Read her story below.

Bee saw Dr. Kailee 2 years after the birth of her son and after a recent miscarriage. She had a traumatic birth with her son and was now leaking urine with jumping or coughing. She had tried modifying her workouts and focusing on breathing, working with another pelvic floor PT, and working with a functional medicine provider. She was unable to exercise as she'd like to because of the leaking, but needed to work out 'for her sanity'

We initially made some changes in how Bee was jumping: inhaling through the movement and encouraged her to land on her toes but also make contact with her heels. We also added in pelvic floor and glut coordination and strengthening. Because of her trauma history, I added in somatic tools like body scanning, shaking, and did some energy work. All of this helped to decrease the stiffness with her walking and reduced tension in her abdomen. I also referred her to an EMDR therapist to begin re-processing her trauma.

Bee was able to return to jumping without peeing her pants. She also felt more confident about her body and was able to use exercise to calm her nerves. We also ended up working on back and pelvic pain, as she mentioned in another session that she was experiencing groin and back pain when hiking. After completing her sessions, she was also able to hike and walk without pain while carrying her son.

Thank you Bee for trusting us with your health.

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