Heyl Family PracticeOur clients' success stories for our Pelvic floor physical therapy clients make all of our hard work and long hours worth it. Connie worked with Dr. Gretchen in Wexford, PA. Read her story below.

Connie has 17 year old twins and still had stress incontinence.She had incontinence when she stood after peeing, jumping, sitting down, and just randomly got just leaked randomly throughout the day. She also reported her lower abdominal area has gotten bigger which felt like an apron, low back pain, and sciatica pain for years. She was tired of smelling and felt embarrassed by the smell when she did leak urine.

Connie had thoughts about getting a “mommy makeover” (plastic surgery) and also looked into a vaginal device to help strengthen her pelvic floor but then came across us and decided it was the best option to try first.

Dr. Gretchen checked how well Connie’s pelvic floor worked while she was standing and moving. She found she did not have much awareness of what the pelvic floor muscles were doing while she was moving and had weakness in the gluts and trigger points in the rectus abdominis (six pack muscle).

Treatment for Connie included:

  • Manual techniques such as myofascial work, cupping, and trigger point to the abdomen, low back, and gluts
  • Deep core retraining exercises
  • Education and training on posture and peeing habits
  • Pelvic floor training with functional movements
  • Foot exercises for improve support and heel lift

At the end of her treatment sessions, Connie had no incontinence (no leakage) and no back pain. She had better posture and was able to socialize and return to working out without pain and without worrying about smelling like urine.

If you want expert guidance in ditching urinary incontinence or stress incontinence, book a free consult with us virtually, in Wexford, PA, or Greensburg, PA to work with our pelvic floor Physical Therapists.