Heyl Family PracticeOur clients' success stories for our Pelvic floor physical therapy clients make all of our hard work and long hours worth it. Kaleigh A worked with Dr. Gretchen in Wexford, PA. Read her story below.

Kaleigh had Diastasis Recti after 2 C-section. Dr. Gretchen saw her postpartum. She was working out consistently 6 days/week but not seeing progress. She had a bump in her belly button that she never had before and discomfort when pushing into her belly button. It was really starting to take a hit on her confidence.

Kaleigh had tried pelvic floor exercises and breathing but had not seen anyone for pelvic floor physical therapy. She tried Pilates, solid core 2x/week, Peloton workouts, a pelvic floor program but none of it worked. She felt like she tried every avenue outside of surgery for her Diastasis Recti.

Dr. Gretchen completed the pelvic floor physical therapy evaluation. It showed a 3 finger widths Diastasis Recti at her belly button and poor pelvic floor and core coordination. The rectus abdominis (six pack muscle) were overactive with pelvic floor contractions. Posture demonstrated an anterior pelvic tilt with a forward weight shift creating a more visible diastasis. There were also C-section restrictions causing some skin puckering and lower abdominal tightness.

Dr. Gretchen started with hands on work to decrease trigger points, cupping and skin rolling on the C-section scar and abdomen. Then she did diaphragmatic breathing, offering alternatives for posture to reduce the appearance of the Diastasis Recti and c=--section shelf. Lastly, they progressed to traditional core exercises with deep core activation for return to normal workouts.

Kaleigh was able to get back to her workouts without pain or difficulty with Dr. Gretchen's help.

Her Diastasis Recti went to 1-1.5 finger widths with minimal C-section scar restrictions. He had no pain in belly button or visible hernia. She's now able to perform her regular workouts feeling stronger with better awareness of her core and no coning or doming in the abdomen. She has transitioned to Stay Resilient sessions for continuation of cupping on the scar for further improvements in her skin.

Thank you Kaleigh for trusting us with your health. And thank you to the amazing Dr. Gretchen who has helped perfect the Resilient Motherhood Method.

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