Pain with Sex is complex and common. It’s emotional, physical, spiritual, hormonal, and so much more. We hope this blog post makes you feel less alone and helps a bit too. Try these 6 things to help you ease pain with sex: 

  1. Stretch before sex- overactive pelvic floor muscles can make penetration painful so try stretching before sex. We love child’s pose, a deep Buddha squat, and happy baby. Check out our live videos on instagram for details on how to relax the pelvic floor with these. (click here for Instagram live post on this)

  2. Prioritize foreplay. This helps to reach muscles, get your mind on sex (and not on the day’s stress), and get blood flow to the pelvic floor. 

  3. If it’s painful with initial penetration or deep penetration or a change in position, speak up, then have your partner pause with you and take deep breaths to relax the pelvic floor. 

  4. Work on flexibility of the pelvic floor, hips, and back. These muscles connect into the pelvis so the more flexible and relaxed they are, the less painful sex is. 

  5. Practice yoga- movement meditation helps you learn to tune into your body and learn what you’re feeling in your body in the moment. This body intuition can help you anticipate tension which can help you anticipate pain and learn how to relax in those moments. Check out Dr. Gretchen’s flow here

  6. Try different positions. Sex in a spooning position can help you relax more and limit depth of penetration (better if you have pain with deep penetration). Mom on top can be a good choice too- you have more control of depth, speed, etc. Differences in pain, couples, and experiences will change what works so try different things and communicate with your partner. 

Still having pain with deep penetration, initial penetration, trouble orgasming, or just not in the mood? Book a free consult to find out how we can help. You deserve to have the best sex of your life, even after baby.