Are you having back pain when picking up your kids or working out? Try these tips:

  1. Squat to the floor to pick up your kids: Don't just bend over at your waist. Squat down, ass to grass and then pick up your kiddos. This encourages you to use your gluts instead of your back and helps your pelvic floor relax and assist with the movement

  2. Speaking of your gluts, strengthening them helps to take some pressure off the back because it won't be working as hard. Try exercises like bridges and squats

  3. Exhale on exertion- Make sure you breathe when you lift your kids or lift weights. inhale before you move and exhale as you lift. 

  4. Work on hip and back flexibility- back pain can stem from tight muscles in the back and hips so work on stretches like forward fold, back bends, thread the needle, Pidgeon, groin stretch (can you tell we like yoga poses to stretch?!)

  5. Switch sides when carrying your kids- varying postures and holding positions helps different muscles work. if you always carry your kids on one side, that side can become tight and weak. Share the load and switch sides throughout the day. 

  6. Re-train your core- the better the pelvic floor, transverse abdominis, and diaphragm work, the less the back has to do, so the less tightness and pain you'll get. Join us for one of our core strengthening series or book a free consult to learn how you can do this the right way. Let us help you take the guess work and worry out of it and help you lift with confidence and ease