Are you scared of tearing? I was too. 

Here are some tips for success:

  1. Tell yourself- “I’m going to be okay if I tear.” Seems counterintuitive, but naming your fear and then telling yourself if the worst happens, you’ll be okay will calm your nervous system. And a calm nervous system supports a relaxed pelvic floor which can help prevent tearing!

  2. Use a hot compress on your perineum (the space between your bum hole and vulva) during active labor. Write this one in your birth plan so you don’t have to worry about it. This helps the pelvic floor muscles stretch easier so they don’t tear.

  3. Try positions that take pressure off the tailbone like lying on your side or on all fours. Your tailbone needs to move to make room for baby to come out, so lying on your back is NOT the best for this. Positions like all fours (upper body supported) or lying on your side are great to allow the tailbone to move freely and make more room for baby.

  4. Book a free virtual consult with us. We’ll help you learn how to push effectively and learn how to relax your pelvic floor so you can STOP being afraid of tearing and birth with confidence.