We work with moms and women every day, so we hear it all. We get the nitty gritty on experiences with prenatal visits, birth, postpartum, and gyne care. We also have been lucky enough to establish relationships with OBGYN’s and midwives in the area. This list of providers is who we recommend to our clients consistently for obstetric and gyne care. It will be ever evolving, so check back for updates!

Wexford, PA:

Dr. Jessica Hoyson, MD
AHN Wexford Hospital

Dr. Tracey Vogel, MD
Trauma Informed Obstetric Anesthesiologist

Greensburg, PA:

Dr. Lauren Trimiloni, MD
Primary Care and obstetrics
Excela Health

Dr. Randi Turkewitz, MD
Excela Health

Pittsburgh, PA

Midwives at Magee

South Hills of Pittsburgh:

Midwives at Jefferson Hospital

If you’re pregnant and want to make sure you prepare your body, mind, and spirit for birth, book a free consultation with us to learn how we can help you prevent perineal tearing, c-section, and traumatic birth.