New Mommas Need Care Too

It started already. I walked into my in-laws home and my MIL said hello! to the baby in my belly. Beautiful baby remembered, me, forgotten. I smiled and said, 'so it begins.'   

But what I should have said was, 'hey! what about me! Remember me, the one who is bringing this baby into the world?!'  


So, what about you, momma?  

Yes, babies and beautiful and snuggly and everyone wants to hold them. But what about the mom? The mom that carried that baby for over half a year and sacrificed her body (and her sanity) for that little one?   

We NEED to take care of ourselves. We need to weave some self care and 'hey what about me!' into time spent reading  baby sleep books and the Carter's onesie shopping.   

We need to take time in the third trimester to set ourselves up for success in the fourth trimester. No, not just prepping the house for baby. But prepping the house and the mind and the attitudes of the people around us for momma.  

If you're in your third trimester, do this:   

  1. Schedule an appointment with me! - one of the best ways to prep for the fourth trimester is to rock your labor and delivery and minimize injury. This will also set up up for caring for your body in the fourth trimester. You'll have someone who knows your body and mind to follow up with when your baby arrives and the focus is on baby. 

  2. Find movement that you love and is good for your mind and body. Yoga, Pilates, Walking, or Zumba. Whatever it is, make sure it's something that you can do a few weeks after baby arrives. If you have someone to watch baby, this can be a class in the community or if you don't have as much support, invest in a good book or DVD that can guide you through movement when you can't think straight.

  3. Set up a 'self care' basket and routine. This may be meditation or a bath or a journal, or all of the above. But start these self care practices and hold space for them in your mind and your house so you can continue them in the fourth trimester.

  4. Tell the people around you what you plan to do to care for yourself in the fourth trimester. Ask them to help support you while you do this. This may mean asking your partner to be willing to care for the baby while you see your PT....or have your MIL hold the baby while you do a yoga DVD. Ask for support now so it's not overwhelming later.